Stanza 51

dharmagubdharmakrddharmi sadasatksaramaksaram
avijnata sahastramsurvishata krtalaksanah

Dharmakrt-The maker of the law
Dharmagup-One who keeps the Law concealed
Dharmi-The owner of law
Sat – The law of existence
Asat-non existence
Ksaram – the perishable
Aksaram-One who is beyond his own understanding
Sahasramsuh-The Lord with thousand rays
Vidhata-One who arranges things according to fitness
Krtalaksnah-One who has tenets meade about Himself

The Lord is the maker,concealer and the owner of the Law.He is existing, non existence, perishable and non perishable.Being the Lord with thousand rays, who arranges things according to fitness,his own knowledge does not know him and all the tenets are made about Himself to know him

1.He is the maker of the Law since it comes out of Him as His own nature along with all the other things in this creation.
2.His Law lies concealed in the nature of His own creation.Everything manifests in form,name,number,etc.and the Law about all these things is concealed in the centre as itself.Everyone in the creation has himself concealed in his own nature and has to seek and find out for himself.
3.He is the maker of the Law and the owner since everyone in the creation requires His acceptance as grace to know the Law.Existence is the Lord manifested through creation.Non existence is Himself beyond the creation.Both the phases are from Himself.The forms merge in nature and are perishable.Nature and its background and their Lord are imperishable.Both are inclided in Himself as the background.
4.Since He is the background of knowledge ,also he is beyond his own knowledge.Anyone can reach him through his grace and not through an effort to know him.
5.As Purusha, the Lord has the number one thousand as the numerical formula of his own manifestation ‘ ‘Purusha is thousand-headed,thousand-eyed and thousand footed’’ says Purusha sukta.One represents the ‘ ‘I AM ‘’ of the Lord.Zero represents nature that contains his manifestation as the egg of Brahma (that which we call the space globe).Both form number 10 which is the number of units through which the Lord manifests himself as Purusha.This he does in the three worlds as he multiplies himself into the universe.Hence his number is 10*10*10 or thousand.Thus he has thousand as his number of rays.
6.Already explained
7.All the definitions about anything and about the Lord Himself are made only to know about the parts which form the whole.Hence all the tenets are made to know about Him,yet he stands beyond.


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