53. Actuated by mercy for my devotees, I shall now explain the Vajrondi-mudra, the destroyer of the darkness of the world, the most secret among all secrets.

54. Even while following all his desires, and without conforming to the regulations of Yoga, a householder can become emancipated, if he practices the Vajrondi-mudra.

55. This Vajroliyoga practice gives emancipation even when one is immersed in sensuality; therefore it should be practiced by the Yogi with great care.

56. First let the talented practitioner introduce into his own body, according to the proper methods, the germcells from the female organ of generation, by suction up through the tube of the urethra; restraining his own semen, let him practice copulation. If by chance the semen begins to move, let him stop its emission by the practice of the Yoni-mudra. Let him place the semen on the left hand duct, and stop further intercourse. After a while, let him continue it again. In accordance with the instruction of his preceptors and by uttering the sound hum, let him forcibly draw up through the contraction of the Apana Vayu the germ-cells from the uterus.

57. The Yogi, worshipper of the lotus-feet of his Guru, should in order to obtain quick success in Yoga drink milk or nectar in this way.

58. Know semen to be moon-like, and the germ-cells the emblem of sun; let the Yogi make their union in his own body with great care.

59. I am the semen, Sakti is the germ fluid; when they both are combined, then the Yogi reaches the state of success, and his body becomes brilliant and divine.

60. Ejaculation of semen is death, preserving it within is life; therefore, let the Yogi preserve his semen with great care.

61. Verily, verily, men are born and die through semen; knowing this, let the Yogi always practice to preserve his semen.

62. When through great efforts success in the preservation of the semen is obtained, what then cannot be achieved in this world? Through the greatness of its preservation one becomes like me in glory.

63. The vindu (semen) causes the pleasure and pain of all creatures living in this world, who are infatuated, and are subject to death and decay. For the Yogi, this preservation of semen is the best of all Yogas, and it is the giver of happiness.

64. Though immersed in enjoyments, men get powers through its practice. Through the force of his practice, he becomes an adept in due season, in his present life.

65. The Yogi certainly obtains through this practice all kinds of powers, at the same time enjoying all the innumerable enjoyments of the world.

66. This Yoga can be practiced along with much enjoyment; therefore the Yogi should practice it.

67. There are two modifications of the Vajrondi, called Sahajoni and Amarani. By all means let the Yogi
preserve the semen.

68. If at the time of copulation the vindu is forcibly emitted, and there takes place an union of the sun and the moon, then let him absorb this mixture through the tube of the male organ [urethra]. This is Amarani.

69. The method by which the vindu on the point of emission can be withheld through Yoni-mudra is called Sahajoni. It is kept secret in all the Tantras.

70. Though ultimately the action of them (Amarani and Sahajoni) is the same, there are arisen differences owing to the difference of nomenclature. Let the Yogi practice them with the greatest care and perseverance.

71. Through love for my devotees, I have revealed this Yoga; it should be kept secret with the greatest care, and not be given to everybody.

72. It is the most secret of all secrets that ever were or shall be; therefore let the prudent Yogi keep it with the greatest secrecy possible.

73. When at the time of voiding urine the Yogi draws it up forcibly through the Apana-Vayu, and keeping it up, discharges it slowly and slowly; and practices this daily according to the instructions of his Guru, he obtains the vindu-siddhi (power over semen) that gives great powers.

74. He who practices this daily according to the instructions of his Guru does not lose his semen, were he to enjoy a hundred women at a time.

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