Siva Samhita

catur asit yasanani santi nanavidhani ca
tebhyas catus kamadaya mayoktani bravimy aham
siddhasanam tatah padmasanan cogram ca svastikam

There are eighty-four postures, of various modes. Out of them, four ought tot be adopted, which I mention below:– 1, Siddhasana; 2, Padmasana; 3, Ugrasana; 4, Svastikasana.

Ada 84 macam sikap, dari bermacam-macam ragam, antara lain, empat yang harus dipakai, yang Aku nyatakan berikut ini: 1. siddhasana, 2. padmasana, 3. ugrasana, 4. svastikasana

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