yama & niyama

‘The Yamas consists of non-injury, truthfulness, non-stealing, continence, and non-acquisitiveness’.

The ‘Yamas’, or abstentions, make up the most basic of all spiritualpractices. They are the injunctions common to every religion. These formsof self-restrain purify the individual and eliminate all of one’s negativeinfluences on others and the environment.
Violence to others, whether in thought, word or deed, must be avoided.Non-injury means more than refraining from inflicting physical pain. Mental pain can be far more devastating, when one is established in complete harmless, even wild animals will approach in peace.The function of truth is to maintain harmony through trust. It is
better to be silent than tell a truth will cause pain or that springs froma wrong motive. A truthful person has power, for what he says comes to pass, and his word becomes law.

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