‘”Asamprajnata samadhi” (seedless state) is reached when all mental activity ceases and only unmanifested impression remain in the mind.’

When the mind is empty and the thought waves and impressions are completely gone, it is the seedless ‘asamprajnata’ state. No seeds are left to manifest in the form of desires or tendencies. Tendencies have the power to create. Who made one person male and female? One’s own thought impressions are responsible. The soul is  neither male or female. When the mind begins acting and wants to behave  like a woman, it creates a suitable body for those tendencies. As long as  there are thought impressions and tendencies, there will be more reincarnation. The tendency of ego itself must be broken down, for it, too, is illusion. ‘Maya’ projects qualities onto the individual, and he
thinks that he is tall, fat, man, woman, talented or dull. When all such ideas, good as well as evil, have been overcome, the soul stands alone. ‘Asamprajnata samadhi’ is that state of merging with the Absolute, which is beyond knowledge. Any object experience is knowledge. If one  sees Krishna, it is objective knowledge. However, if one knows that he is Krishna, that is beyond knowledge. Then there is no more seed, and nothing
can touch him.

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