Understanding The Will of God

(Liberation in Life)
By Baba Faqir Chand Ji Maharaj
Copyright © 2006
Chapter 3
The Liberation: Part IV
Have the glimpse (darshan) listen to the words
Having listened, churn (them) in (the) mind
Having churned, get the essence

Having the essence digest it
Having digested, (this) is perfection

Dispelling (the) world illusion and fear
However, who follows this Path?

All come in the presence of (the) Satguru
Enjoy not his glimpse nor catch his words
When I use such works so categorically, I question myself. Are you misleading the world? Thousands of satsangis have died performing austere practices. I have made everything clear and easy for those who aspire for it. A satsang of hours is better than meditation of hundreds of years. If you succeed in understanding this point, you
would not worry about your failures in meditation practice.
Guru is Knowledge
(The) manifestation of Spirit
Sant Kabir writes :
The detatched are ####### free
Live wherever keeps He
Saint Kabir advises us to achieve the state of detachment. The state of detachment is invincible against illusion. Firstly, when realized that I do not manifest to do your work, I was convinced that vision and manifestation of Data Dayal were not a reality but an illusion. It made me detach myself from the visions. Secondly, this wrong notion that I am Brahma or I am Overall was dispelled by the lives of Swami Ji, Data Dayal Ji, Sahib Ji, Rumi and Shamstabrez. Satsangis and these mahatmas proved to be my true satgurus. I have no selfish motives. I have no desire for name and fame. I explain
this truth simply to Awaken humankind, whether what I say is right or wrong, I have done my duty as I had pledged. Data Dayal Ji had said.

Until you see with your eyes accept not all that I say
Therefore, whatever I state is my own experience. I am convinced that I am a bubble of consciousness created by a motion in the Supreme Consciousness. I was Unnamed, Invisible and mingled in Him as butter mingles in milk. Swami ji writes:

Listen O’surat from me your secret
You were mingled in me since ever
Before assuming this physical frame, I was mingled in Him like ghee (purified butter) in milk. Butter is separated from milk after boiling it and churning it. Similarly, with movement in that Supreme Power you and all others became separate from Him. This knowledge has dissolved my ego and has helped me to attain the state of detachment.
The detached are ####### free
Live wherever keeps He
Without detachment ####### remains
Going anywhere one is not free
Now have I realized who I am? I am a part of that Supreme Power just as butter is derived from milk. What worries should I have? Till life exists:
“Yatra Yatra, Mano gachhati, Tatra Tatra Samadhaya”

“The entire creation is the game of His Will”
Life, death, vice, virtue good, evil, dharma, karma, creation and destruction are not in my hands. This all happens under His Will. By achieving this stage one lives the life of an innocent child. This is what is meant by “live wherever He keeps you.” Live at His Will. Attainment of this stage is “Jeevan Mukta stage”.

You have rendered many services to me, so I want to do my duty towards you. Understand only one point:
Yatra Yatra mano gachhati, Tatra Tatra Samadhya
Live this life like a child. Remain at His Will. Let His Will always prevail. Until I realized this Truth, I remained in one ####### or another, such as the ####### of Guru, devotion, Light, Sound and Third stage. Now all bondages have been broken. Whatever is to happen will happen. Attainment of this stage, I understand, is Jeevan Mukti.

Get freedom from transmigration, by contemplating (the) Immortal Nam
Now what immortal Nam is to be contemplated? Is it repetition of some particular name such as “Satnam”, with your tongue? No. The true simran is to attain experience or direct knowledge of the Truth i.e., the Light and Sound manifested by a motion in that Supreme Element, which further carries on the process of creation and destruction. To keep this truth in mind is the real simran of the Immortal Nam. You may follow the path inwardly and listen to the Sound; you would not achieve Jeevan Mukti. You may get joy, happiness, stages of ecstasy and attain siddhis (supernatural
powers), but not Liberation in life, until you have this conviction, that His Will is Supreme and is All Pervading.
Says Kabir that he alone is Guru
Who cuts the noose of doubts
Guru is he who dispels all doubts and misconceptions. He convinces us that His will is Supreme. Whatever happened was His Will, whatever is happening is His Will, and His Will shall prevail in the future. Attainment of this stage, in my view, is Liberation in life.
To those who come to me for satsang, I say that whatever I say is not my final verdict. I do not appeal to the world to follow me. Nevertheless, I do say that the propagators of different religious philosophies, instead of Liberating the human beings have bound them within their own circles, and divided humanity based on different names of God. Having compassion for my fellow human beings, I have explained the truth. May you live a life of peace! Live at His Will and attain Liberation in life. This is what I ever wish.

Edited & revised by Sant Harjit Singh

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