The Cosmic Law of Desire & Manifestation

Satya Sanatan Dharma
(The True Religion of Humanity)
By Baba Faqir Chand
Copyright © 2006
Chapter 1
Every individual who works in this world has some aim in sight. No one works without any motive in his mind. He who does something without any aim must be insane. Why do I do this work of satsang? Because I am a Brahmin (by birth). I had a keen desire to see Rama ever since my childhood, and with the passage of time I became crazy in the pursuit of my aim.

It was either the fruit of karma, or His Will that led me to the Holy feet of my Satguru, His Holiness Hazur Data Dayal Ji Maharaj. He initiated me into these teachings of the Sant Mat, Radhaswami, Kabir, Nanak, Dadoo and Paltoo. All these saints were the devotees of surat shabad yoga. They all denounced the doctrines of all other religions (paths) in their writings. This troubled me the most. In 1905 I vowed that I would follow this path laid down by the saints and share with the world my findings and experiences of Sant Mat.

Whatever I do is not a favour to anybody. I am reaping the fruit of my own karmas. I was not interested in coming here on this occasion of Kumbha Mela but Shri Damodar Das and others published posters and made all the necessary arrangements. So I had to come. In the morning when I came here they raised a slogan:

“Victory to Sanatan Dharma”

I too say:

“Victory to Sanatan Dharma”

However, I question myself and wish to tell the world what this Sanatan Dharma is. Sanatan means the primal, and Dharma means the code of conduct. What can this primal code, or Sanatan Dharma be? It must be the code of that man who was first born on this planet. That very primal code set by the first man is termed as Sanatan Dharma.

I am a man educated in the 20th century and am quite aware that this is the age of science. I contemplate over: “From where did the first man come on this Earth? Who created him?” The experience of my life proves that some Super Soul or Super-Being created the first man on this planet. Who is this Super Soul? My experience is that the Super-Soul who created the first human on this Earth has a body, mind and soul. The proof of the existence of such a Super Soul or Creator is given by these satsangis (of mine).
For example, last time when I visited Devas Town a boy told me, “Baba Ji! I was taking the annual examination. I was unable to solve the questions. I prayed to you for help. You appeared, sat underneath the desk and helped me solve the entire question paper, and thus I secured 98 marks out of 100.”

This time when I visited Devas Town, another boy was brought to me who said, “Baba Ji! A huge stone rolled down on my leg that I could not move. My leg was broken. My two companions also failed to remove the stone from my leg. Then I prayed to you for help. You appeared and rolled away that huge stone.” O’ Human beings of the world. O’ Religious people of my country – I swear and say that I did not go to help any of these boys, nor do I know about these incidents. Then who went to help them? Modern (religious) history is filled with such miracles and manifestations and therefore deprived of the Reality.

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