The Unmatched Glory of a Householder’s Life

Sanatan Dharma
(The True Religion of Humanity)
By Baba Faqir Chand
Copyright © 2006

Chapter 3

Guru’s bani (word) is Guru
Guru abides in his bani

Guru’s bani is the ever abiding
Essence (of) the amrita

I write, I speak and my discourses are tape recorded for the good of mankind. Here many important persons are sitting. I do not claim that whatever I say is correct. It is foolish to say that my word is final. No one has understood the secret of Nature. Kabir told his experiences. Krishna narrated his experiences. Data Dayal Maharishi Shiv Brat Lal has spoken and written his own experiences. All have had their say. I too speak on the basis of my own realisations and experiences. However, I do not want to make you believe that whatever I have said is final. I have said it on the basis of the experiences of my practical life. I may be forgiven if I am wrong. But, I insist that I am honest. Honest in my approach; honest in my experiments; honest in my observations; honest in my inferences and what is more; honest in my teachings.

Sant Mat and all the present religions and sects are the branches of Sanatan Dharma. Desire is the root of all creation. The Creator created the world with desire and the entire game is of desire, sankalpa shakti. All religions, sects and religious philosophies be it Islam, Sikhism, Arya Samaj, Buddhism, Jainism or any others, have all originated from Sanatan Dharma. All preach the purification of desire. All work for making human life happy in this world and for making it happier in the next birth. However, the most unfortunate thing is that followers of one religion vehemently criticize the others. This is all due to ignorance. The important characteristic of Sanatan Dharma is:

Compassion is the root of dharma
And pride the root of sin

Says Tulsi forsake not compassion
Till your last breath

Now, compassion and Dharma are two different things. Dharma is a particular principle or doctrine that we adopt to make our life happy and smooth. Unless we are compassionate to living beings life cannot be smooth and happy. I am a follower of the philosophy of Radhasoami, Kabir, Dadu and Paltoo Sahib. Among them all, Kabir
occupies the highest position. Today I relate to you a shabad of Kabir in which he writes that a person cannot attain to the True Naam (Satnaam) until he follows the path of Dharma with compassion. He has further explained that even Nirvana (i.e. in Hinduism and Buddhism, the beatitude that transcends the cycle of reincarnation; characterized by the extinction of desire, suffering and individual consciousness) cannot be attained without Dharma and compassion. The shabad is:

O’ brother I’ve remained in the dark so far
Now, my Satguru has revealed to me the way out

I have abandoned all rituals and rites
And also abandoned bathing at the shrines

The entire world is clever
And I alone remained an utter idiot

I do not know service, or worship
Nor do I ring the bell

Neither did I ever enthrone any idol
Nor offered any flowers

Was this idol to speak
If I did bathe it?

I would offer all my five coins (Sense organs) to their Maker
If it could bring me only One – He himself

Hari is neither pleased with penance nor worship
Nor by torturing ones body

Casting off clothes, or abandoning attire neither pleases Hari
Nor by Suppressing the Five Sense organs

One who with compassion maintains Dharma
He alone remains indifferent to the world

Considers all beings like one’s own self
He alone attains to the imperishable

Tolerates abuses avoids disputes
Abandons pride and ego

He alone attains Satnaam
Says Kabir, the Sage who knows

The Supreme and the First among saints, Sant Kabir, has put one condition for the attainment of Satnaam. It is to follow the path of Dharma with compassion; to consider all beings alike and to have patience. He who does not possess these qualities cannot realise the Word nor can he even reach his final Abode, or the Ultimate Reality. Sanatan Dharma propounds similar conditions. Dharma is your saviour so maintain it.

Now, what is the definition of Dharma? Our Dharma is a duty, or obligation, or responsibility that has been assigned to us after our birth into this world. Duties or responsibilities as a son, a father, a husband, a subject and so on. There are certain customs and conventions and traditions that are to be followed. If you do not perform your duties in these different capacities with compassion and tolerance you cannot realise the Supreme Being.

Performance of your duty is the primary requirement. It may be towards your parents, towards your relatives, towards your society, towards your government. Now, a young man desires to become a sannyasi. He has an elderly mother. She has nobody to fall back upon, or look after her. If that young man becomes a disciple of Baba Faqir, or any other mahatma, has he followed the path of Dharma? No. Certainly not. He has not performed his duties towards his elderly mother. According to Sant Kabir and the tenets of Sanatan Dharma, he cannot attain salvation because he has not done his duty. He has not met the basics laid down by Sanatan Dharma. He may become an ascetic and get initiation. But, without fulfilling his duties and obligations and responsibilities towards his elderly and destitute mother, he cannot achieve salvation. This is the law
of Sanatan Dharma and of the saints.

A man marries, but he runs away disowning his wife and becomes a sadhu. He wears the yellowish-brown robe and moves from place to place in search of Truth. He won’t realise the Truth because he has not fulfilled his responsibilities and liabilities. He who does not do his duty in the worldly life, cannot succeed in the spiritual life.

Now, what is the second Dharma? It is to earn our own living. You must earn your own bread. You have been given a body, hands, eyes, ears and legs. He who does not earn his own bread, but lives upon the earnings of others, is a scrounger. He is not following the path of Dharma. All these sadhus that you see travelling about are living as parasites. They are on the wrong path. None of them shall reach the Ultimate Abode. This is my conclusion on the basis of the teachings of Kabir. I have no proof to offer that such sadhus do not attain the True Abode, but this is a fact that they have not performed their duties. As such they do not deserve salvation.

A lady who does not attend to her family duties and attends satsang instead is not following her Dharma. Can she attain salvation? Certainly not. According to Kabir, (salvation is for) only those who are blessed with composure and satisfaction, who attend to their duties sincerely. This is the meaning of Dharma as I understand.
Therefore I am the Guru of the householders. I give correct guidance for following the path of Dharma.

Next comes Compassion. How many people can you have compassion (for) in this world? The maximum opportunity to show compassion is available in the life of a householder. Your children make mistakes. You get angry and beat them mercilessly. Your wife makes some mistakes. You start abusing and beating her. Where is compassion in you? Not to get unnecessarily annoyed over trifles; to forgive those
who make mistakes and not paying any attention to the shortcomings of the relatives while living a householder’s life is compassion.

A very simpleminded daughter-in-law comes to your house. Her mother-in-law does not welcome her, but taunts her and troubles her instead. And yet, she claims to be a true follower of Baba Faqir. Such a mother-in-law is totally mistaken. She cannot get anything. Truth shall remain far away from her because she has no compassion, no mercy. I have very explicitly defined compassion for you. You householders have more chances at every step to act more kindly and compassionately than the ascetics and sadhus. Sadhus do not get such chances. So they remain deprived of this privilege of being compassionate. I am explaining to you the true form of compassion. There are quarrels and differences in your homes. Always try to be calm and have compassion. Forgive your children for their mistakes. Do not get angry with them. Do not thrash them unnecessarily.

Do not trouble anybody. Suppose you are not respected. Should you on that account knock down innocent children? In your householder’s life, you test yourself at every step whether you are compassionate, or not. So, the attainment of salvation is easier for the householders who follow the path of Dharma and compassion, than (for) those who have renounced the world. Now, you yourself decide whether you are following the path of Compassion and Dharma, or not.

I am myself a householder. It is due to the greatness of a householder that these so called sadhus come to his door to beg for their bread. Strangely enough they eat our bread and growl at us as well. They threaten us with curses. Once I went to a village where an old lady came and told me about her poverty. I asked a man to help her with 10 rupees every month. She had three children. She told me that her guru lived at Nangal and visited her quite often. He would ask her for rupees as his offerings and when she would express her inability to give 4 rupees, he would say, with folded
hands, “I will curse you.” Now, think about such a guru. I have raised my voice against this false gurudom. Do not run after these sadhus and gurus. They have nothing to give you. Follow the path of Dharma and compassion. These sadhus who live in the jungles cannot follow the path of compassion and Dharma.

A householder is in a better position with better chances to perform his duties and action compassionately. So a householder easily attains salvation. A householder alone can attain Nirvana. What is Nirvana? It is peace and equanimity of mind and total destruction of all doubts. Kabir has said:

With Compassion maintain Dharma
Remain indifferent to the world

Consider all beings like your own self
For such a one alone realises God

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