Nothing I Did, Nor Could I Do

(Liberation in Life)
By Baba Faqir Chand Ji Maharaj
Copyright © 2006
Chapter 2
The True Simran: Part IV
A child does not worship or remember God. His is a life of steadiness, life of non-­duality and non-attachment. His smiling or weeping depends on the person who carries him in their lap. Sant Mat and all other religions of the world preach for the achievement of
this stage in life. This is in fact “Liberation in life”, the state of Jeevan Mukti.
Hazur Data Dayal ji had wished me to change the method of preaching with the changing times, and so I have done this. I do not quote scriptures but explain my own experiences. I dwell in the Unseen and Unnamed state. The question arises that being the dweller of that Supreme state, can I bring some miraculous change for this good of
the humanity? No, everything is preplanned and predestined, I am not one to interfere or bring any change.
At least two hundred infertile women, many of whom had no menstruation, had male children with my parsad. But contrary to this, my own daughter who has been married for the last fourteen years, and to whom I have intentionally given parsad many times is still childless. What does this prove? I am none to bless anybody. Had it been so, my daughter would have been blessed with a child.
I can do nothing more than wish good to all. My egoism has vanished. My life words and deeds have become sahaja (natural). I have no desire for any name, fame and wealth. My life is all Peace and Bliss.
Desires end, worries vanish,
Mind is all carefree

He who needs nothing
Is the King of Kings
I am the Emperor of the time who has no worry and no desires. Baba Sawan Singh Ji used to say that a Saint’s mind adopts the shape of a four-sided mirror and it reflects all future and past events – he becomes capable of reflecting the deepest roots of objects and even the inner feelings of a human being. It is not a miracle but a natural process.
If something good happens with my blessings, I am not ready to take any credit for that because that is all pre-planned and predestined. It is not due to my blessings. Kabir writes:
Nothing I did
Neither I could
Nor am I capable

God did whatever was done
I remain Kabir
I do not want to take any false credit by keeping you in the dark. In, my view, this is the greatest sin. I do not want to involve my self in the whirlpool of Karmas.
Guru Supreme Being came, to make me realize
My form, steadily helped me to recognize
My Self is Unseen, Un-named and Profound. This does not mean that I have become God. My own power or consciousness or self is always in search of its Origin or Source within. It yearns to feel at one with that Supreme Source, the Master. What did Kabir or Nanak become? Many great saints came to show the path of Truth but the world
remained where it was. All come and go after reaping the harvest of their deeds.
I have the only wealth of Peace and I share it with those who come for it .If you want to spend a happy life, cleanse your thoughts and deeds, and if your wish Liberation from the cycle of birth and death, then be above deeds.
Edited and revised by Sant Harjit Singh

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