Liberation in Life is Liberation Alone

(Liberation in Life)
By Baba Faqir Chand Ji Maharaj
Copyright © 2006
Chapter 3
The Liberation: Part I
Liberated alive, is Liberated alone,
No Liberation until life exists, until pains (and) pleasures felt

No Liberation in physical body, (then) how Liberation after death?
Liberated (does) not (in) holy places dwell, Liberation there not

Gallows of doubt not cut in life
Hopes (of) Liberation after death

Thirsty man is in life
Wanders thirsty in the dream

The detached are bondage free
Live wherever keeps He

Without detachment bondage remains
Going nowhere is thee

Gain freedom from transmigration
By contemplating Immortal Nam

Says Kabir he alone is Guru
Who cuts the gallows of doubt

From my very childhood I had a keen desire to have spiritual union with God. It was either due to His Grace or due to my own karmas (deeds) of the past. Now, in old age, my thoughts have been changed by my experiences of life. The conclusion of my whole research is Jeevan Mukti (Liberation in life). The aim and objective of all saints has been to achieve this state in life. Sanatan Dharma, Jain Dharma and Buddhist Dharma have all had the same aim of attaining Liberation in life.

This thought of Liberation in life occurred to me last night when Joginder Singh requested me repeatedly to attend his marriage. However, I had to attend a programme at a world religious conference and then visit Delhi, Indore and Nagpur on Basant Panchami. Repeated requests of Joginder Singh forced me to question myself, “What sort of a Guru am I? For what have I come to this world? Have I attained Liberation?”

Liberation means freedom from all kinds of bondages. Is there anybody without any bondage? No, all are attached to one object or another. One is attached to the son, another to love of satsangis. Another is in the bondage of God, Guru or internal visions. You practise meditation with great zeal. You enjoy the visions of Sun, Moon and (experience) bliss inwardly. You always feel attracted to these blissful internal scenes. However, if sometimes you fail to see these scenes you become sad. This proves that your aim is confined to a particular mental condition. You are not liberated. You are (still) attached to something.

Tonight I deeply thought over this very point. Is there any such stage when man can attain Liberation while in body? This is a question to myself. I had pledged to speak to the world of my experiences. However, my experiences are of a very Supreme State and everybody cannot understand them. Still I speak in order to fulfil my pledge. My experiences prove that yogi, meditator, guru, disciple and even the aspirant of salvation are in bondage.

Bondage means an attachment of our surat (attention) with some thing. It may be gross, subtle or causal. Devotees of God are attached to their devotion and lost in it. They too are in bondage, the only difference is that some bondage is a source of joy whereas others prove to be a source of worry and grief. It is also a fact that without any bondage or attachment, life is impossible in this world of illusion. Now the question arises. Is there any such state of Liberation in life? Yes, that stage does exist. I often live in that state of life at this age.

I have been able achieve this state of Liberation only by one thought. That is I do not go anywhere either in physical subtle form, or to help anybody. While my manifestations help numerous people, I remain unaware of these amazing incidents. This experience has convinced me that all those scenes of Data Dayal, Sun, Moon, God and Goddess that used to manifest within me were not a Reality, but an illusion.

To attain this conviction, that your “Self” is Light and Sound and is in reality the attainment of the state of Jeevan Mukta i.e. Dayalpad. By achieving this state, you will have dispassion for all internal visions, forms and scenes. You will stand convinced forever that these thoughts or forms are not a Reality but only reflections of the mind. Some call it the “Self’ and others name the thing that feels the existence of the internal visions of Data Dayal or Rama etc. as the Zatt (Reality).

Swami Shivdayal Singh, Saint Kabir and others have proclaimed saints as the creators of Ishwar (God). If these saints had the right to explain their experiences, then I too have the right to speak the Truth to the world. My experience proves that a person who claims himself as the Base and Source of all creation is also not yet Liberated. My words are tape-recorded for future generations (seekers) and intellectuals to ponder over. Such proclamations that one’s Self is Overall or that one is Brahma attracted the worldly people towards those who made such claims.

Swami Ji said that saints are the creators of God. For this reason people madly followed him, adored and worshipped him. The Truth is far from these mental visions. Those who are attached to these visions and manifestations can never attain Liberation. Forget these manifestations. The element that sees Light and listens to the Sound within is to be kept free from Light and Sound as well in order to attain Panchavan Pad (the Fifth Stage). To the dwellers of the Fifth Stage, even Light and Sound have no attraction. He develops dispassion for Light (Par Brahma) and Sound (Shabad Brahma). As for attaining Satlok, all mental stages are to be dispensed with. (As) for attaining the Absolute Truth, Light and Sound are also to be left. Try to understand what I say. This is not an easy game to play or an easy path to adopt. This path is for those who are fed up with sensualities, (Who) cherish spirituality in mind

Love not, progeny and wealth
And search among guru’s and saints
All those saints known for their divinity faced a miserable end. Ramakrishna Parmahansa, Tulsi Dass, Baba Sawan Singh and even Swami Shiv Dayal Singh suffered heavily during the last years of their life. If a saint has really become something (such) as Brahma or the creator of God, then how is it that he cannot cure his own disease? None has any solid answer to this question. If the writing of Swami Shiv Dayal Singh that saints are the creators of God is a fact, then why did these great saints suffer untold physical pains and miseries?

You people adore me and serve me; I do not want to keep you in the dark. I have spent my entire life in search of the Truth. Whatever I have experienced, I explain in plain words for those who aspire for it. Saint Tulsi Dass writes:
On the banks of Chitarkut
An assembly of the saints

Tulsi Dass grinds Chandan (sandal)
Tilak applies Raghubir (Rama)
For such couplets of Tulsi Dass in his Ramayana, people followed him, adored him and even worshipped him. A study of his life story reveals that Hanuman and Rama used to appear to him. If it is true that Rama used to appear to him and apply tilak on his forehead, then why did Tulsi Dass suffer physically during his last three years? Can anybody answer this question? No. Whatever I have realised from the state of Liberated life, I state Liberated alive is Liberated alone. No Liberation until life exists. I have experienced that salvation from the cycle of transmigration is impossible until Liberation in life is achieved.

If Swami Ji, Kabir, etc. could express their experiences of life, similarly I am keen to express my observations. I have not yet been able to remain in that state of Liberated life for a whole twenty-four hours. The process of embracing that Elevated State and coming down continues. However, the practice of surat shabad yoga, this duty of Guruship and (the) experiences of satsangis, helps me to realize that all internal visions are Maya (illusion). And all external manifestations are Shaya (shadows or reflections). Now at this stage, I have dispassion for Light and Sound even for the Panchvan Pad i.e. Vedih Gati (the Fifth stage).
Edited and revised by Sant Harjit Singh

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