Spiritual Liberation in Life: The Subtle Bondage of Ego

(Liberation in Life)
By Baba Faqir Chand Ji Maharaj
Copyright © 2006
Chapter 3
The Liberation: Part II
A large number of people from far and near have very high opinions about me. Whenever I go on tour they adore me and praise me saying that I help them repeatedly here or there. These people and the entire world may not believe this but I know that I do not manifest anywhere nor do I do anything for anybody.

I am convinced of what my “Self” is. It is a bubble of consciousness. The bubble of consciousness in the evolutionary process of nature has attained ego. This power of consciousness is the creation of that Supreme Power, Consciousness, Element or God. You may name this Power as God, Paramatama, Ishwar, Allah or Waheguru. He is what He is. Who am I? I am nothing more than a bubble of consciousness. The entire
creation is His Leela. I have not been able to reach His abode so far. He is the Supreme Power and his end is beyond my reach.

It is possible that Swami Ji, Data Dayal Ji and other saints might have reached his Abode or have known him, but I have not. By attaining this knowledge that I am a bubble of consciousness and the entire creation is his will, my egoism has vanished. The feelings of hasti (existence) have ended. In addition, even the thought of liberation
and bondage has disappeared. When my experiences have proved that his will is Supreme and all pervading, then the question of bondage ends.

This bubble of consciousness has assumed the form of Faqir Chand, or the feelings of mother, father and brother from place to place and from time to time. Due to sheer ignorance of the truth you presume to be a separate entity and you remain dominated by your ego. Until these veils of ignorance are removed, the traps of doubts are cut and the Self realized these thoughts of bondage and liberation will exist. To attain liberation you must realize who you are, from where have you come, who created you, why you were created and how you were created. Otherwise, liberation from the whirlpool of bondages is impossible. Kabir says :
Liberated alive is Liberated alone
No Liberation until life exists
Until then pains (and) pleasures felt
A person who considers his Self to be all (in all) enjoys happiness and remains self-centred. He is not Liberated. He is bound by his joy and is confined to the centre of his Self. A person, who has not achieved Liberation in life has not become centre less or free from the bondages of pleasures and pains. How then can he attain Liberation
after death? The existence of egoism is the greatest bondage. This egoism may be physical such as I am a father, mother, son, king, guru and disciple. These are all bondages. This egoism may be subtle as I am Sound, Light and Braham, Truth, unnamed, unseen and profound. These too are bondages even though they are a source of joy.

As the worldly people are not capable of understanding the highest stage of spirituality, the ancient sages propounded different religious philosophies so that humankind might live a life of humanity (hope, peace and happiness). I do not denounce those who say that (the) Satguru will come to accompany the disciple at the time of death. Such a positive thought is a great source of encouragement. “I am Brahman” is also a great source of positive and helpful thought. I am a disciple or devotee is too a great and helpful thought. All these religions and philosophies are not bondage free, but the difference is that their bondage is a source of joy. These religions, sects, and philosophies cannot Liberate you. The roots of the cycle of transmigrations remain alive as long as egoism exists. That is why I proclaim, that I have come down from the Anami Dham. At this Unnamed Stage, egoism vanishes and one attains Jeevan Mukti.
Surat becomes blissful, after all extremes
Purush Anami reaches (the) Sky Supreme
Now the stage where egoism vanishes, the Abode of the Lord is not realized by any saint, not even by Kabir, Swami Ji and others. Because by reaching that state, they themselves lost their own entity. They named it as Anami (Unnamed) and Alakh (Unseen) state. Whether that Supreme state is “Unnamed”, nobody has any positive proof to prove it. I know that I am revealing to you the highest stage that is beyond
your understanding. I am forced to perform my duty; my experiences, truthful speaking and my observations have helped me to attain Liberation in life.
No Liberation in physical body
How Liberation after death?        

Liberation (does) not in holy places dwell
Liberation is there not kept
I add my experiences to the experiences of Saint Kabir:
Liberated not the practises of Sound
What deeds to follow and what to propound?
He who (remains centred in his) Self is attuned to the internal Sound and enjoys its bliss. How then would he detach himself or Liberate himself from the bondage of Sound and its joy? Similarly, the Self who is attuned to Light, enjoys its bliss and is in the bondage of Light. This is a different thing. We do not consider Light and Sound as the
causes of bondage. However, the truth remains that all pleasure-giving objects are the cause of bondage. The difference is only one of degree as between the golden and iron chains. The chains remain the same.
Gallows of doubt not cut in life
Hopes Liberation after death

Thirsty man as in life
Wanders thirsty in the dream
All the internal stages of Sahas-dal-kanwal, Trikuti, Sunn, Maha-Sunn, Bhanwar Gupha, Sat, and Alakh are nothing in reality. They are impressions of the external world imprinted upon your mind. Whatever is visible within is a reflection of some real object or impression of the external world as already explained above.

Our physical body is constituted of the particles and atoms of nature. The Divine Element that dwells in this body is in the form of reflection of the Supreme Reality. If this Truth is understood then all cravings even for sadhana (practice) also vanish. Light and Sound within are also the reflections of external Light and Sound. As already referred to above, a stage comes when you develop dispassion for Light and Sound and even your sadhana (practice) also comes to an end. However, this stage can only be achieved after attaining experience and knowledge.
What to practise when the graceful Guru is found
A person who has found a real and graceful Guru need not undergo to the hardships of sadhana. The aim is to understand  and experience the Truth. Guru leads the aspirant through practical life. However, take note that this state is not within easy reach. I myself had to spend my whole life-achieving this knowledge. It is after having personal in experience that one can understand the words of satsang.
Gallows of doubt not cut in life
Hopes Liberation after death

Thirsty man as in life
Wanders thirsty in the dream
Is it not a fact that when you feel thirsty in your dream you search for water to quench your thirst? Does there exist any source of water in your dream? No, still you quench your thirst. Similarly, you create a woman (or man) in your dream and enjoy sex with (him or) her. Does it mean that a woman (or man) actually appears to you? No, this
creation of water or woman in your dream is not a reality but reflections or impressions that are imprinted upon your mind. The Sahas-dal-kanwal, Trikuti, Sunn, Maha sunn and Bhanwar Gupha too are in fact imprints. If you once understand this reality, your doubts would vanish and you need not feel attracted towards these centres. One can have the understanding of this reality only after following this path.
Edited and revised by Sant Harjit Singh

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