“I” Never Existed

(Liberation in Life)
By Baba Faqir Chand Ji Maharaj
Copyright © 2006
Chapter 2
The True Simran: Part II
Data Dayal writes:
Your trust and hope in mind
Busy I remain in contemplation

Only Data Dayal Ji knows what he means by these lines. I will explain what I understand about my own contemplation. In my primary stages I used to visualize and meditate on the Holy form of Data Dayal Ji. Now I realize that the Holy form of Data Dayal on which I used to meditate internally was not the Reality because he used to be present at his place. Numerous devotees see my visions but I remain unaware. This proved to me that mental creations are all Maya.

I have spent the whole of my life in this search for Truth and now have reached the conclusion that He is the Supermost Element. Light and Sound are his manifestations. A ray of Light (Par Brahm) and Sound (Shabd Brahm) is present in every individual. With the entrance of that Light in the individual, man, chit, budh and ahankar take birth. A newly born child does not have any feelings of senses. He is nothing more than an inhaling and exhaling human form. The ray of the Light remains in motion in the brain with the circulation of blood. The constant circulation of blood helps in developing the cells of the brain and with its development the mental faculties develops. Consequently the feelings of body, mind and soul develop which ultimately give birth to “I” and individuality.

I am a keen observer and I gain experiences from my observations. Data Dayal Ji had once advised me to see everything with full attention in order to gain knowledge. Doctor Sardari Lal is my family doctor. A child without an excretory organ was born in the family of his assistant. The child was brought to Dr. Sardari Lal who unhesitatingly used his sharp instruments to open the mouth of excretory organ of that child. When I enquired from the doctor how he dared to use his sharp tools on that small child, he told me that a newborn child does not have any sense of feelings. Any part of the body can be cut off or dissected without any pain to them. It proves that feelings, senses or surat (attention) enter the physical body much later, after the actual physical birth.

All animate and inanimate life is the creation of Light or it may be said that life is created by Light. But surat is not created. Life is mortal but hasti (being) is immortal. This proves to me that the visions of Data Dayal Ji that I used to meditate upon within were not the Truth. It Awakened me and forced me to go beyond the traps of Maya. Of what should we feel proud when all creation is mortal? My body, son, wife, property and dharma are all creations and therefore all are temporary. To feel proud of them is nothing more than sheer ignorance.

I feel highly indebted to the satsangis who have helped me realize the Truth. My ignorance has vanished only by the thought that I do not manifest anywhere. I have attained this conviction that “I” or the feelings of body and mind are nothing but consciousness of existence. I am a bubble of consciousness. What should I be proud of? “I” is the creation of that Super-most Consciousness and it will merge in That. “I” never existed nor “I” will ever exist. It is all His Leela. In one of his hymns, Saint Kabir writes that only those who aspire and meditate upon Him alone will attain peace. Kabir writes:
That which comes and goes is Maya
Mind makes you dance much more

I have explained with examples about that Element that descends to and ascends from this world.
Now at this stage my simran and dhyan is my conviction that there is my One Lord. He is my foundation, Origin and Source. We are all creation of His Mauj (motion). He is the Origin of all. Can you intellectually differentiate as to who is high or low, great or small, Guru or disciple? Data Dayal Ji used to say, “There is none who is bad and none who is good. God dwells in both. He remains face to face, still un-recognised” My simran and dhyan are to remain aware of this fact that I am a bubble of consciousness, a part of the
Supreme Consciousness.

Your Trust and hope in mind
busy I remain in contemplation
For you, repetition of Ram-Ram is simran, but how long will you continue to do this?
Saint Kabir writes about the true simran:
Remain I aware of Simran as lustful for lust
Remain I aware of Simran as greed for self
Remain I aware of Simran as a water carrier of her pitchers

A woman with pitchers full of water on her head moves on to her destination by remaining constantly aware of her pitchers. She does not utter any word nor repeat any mantra but inwardly pays attention to her water pitchers. She simply remains aware. This constant awareness of something is the real simran. Your attention should remain attracted to one centre, the centre of your Origin. You should develop this conviction that He is yours and you are His. Take an example of an Indian married woman. Does she keep the photo of her husband with her forever or utter his name repeatedly? No. Her simran is the conviction that she is married that he is her husband and she is his wife. Attainment of this state is the real Simran that Data Dayal Ji has referred to.

Your Trust and hope in mind
Busy I remain in contemplation

I am convinced that “I”, the feelings of body, mind and soul will merge with the place where they manifested. I may be wrong. I do not claim any conclusiveness. I am doing this duty of revealing my experiences to the world in obedience to the order of Hazur Data Dayal Ji and to fulfil my solemn pledge of telling the world my realizations from Sant Mat. My experiences are sufficient to convince me that I am not wrong. It is believed that saints have a third eye. If it is true then Data Dayal Ji and Baba Sawan Singh must have judged me before assigning me this duty of Guruship. They must have known that I am a truthful person, that I would speak the truth without having any care for name, fame and wealth. I do not want to burden my Self.

Mine is a state of Liberated life, i.e. Jeevan Mukta. Your simran is ajapa jap and meditation on Guru’s Holy form. The state of Liberation in life will be achieved only when you feel convinced that this world is His leela (sport or play) and when you have no desire for name and fame. Move on your path slowly and steadily. Your destination will be achieved positively.
This is my effort and only deed
To remember your Naam, morn and eve
Keeping His thought always in mind is the real jap.
I count not the rosary-beads, nor do I contemplate

Utter not Ram, my Ram remembers me
And I enjoy Peace

These writings are amazing and one feels baffled. I hope you will excuse me for my inability for not speaking at a low level. I am challenged helplessly to explain the state where I dwell at this old age. You cannot attain this state until you realize that all creation, physical or mental, is illusion. Only he would achieve this state of Liberated life that yearns to achieve His Abode. This Eternal Abode is not within the reach of those who have worldly desires and longings. They should not aspire for it until their desires and longings are finished. However, you may worship any God or Goddess. What is there to fight for and suffer?

Under Your will, happy I remain
Fear, worry, nor world gives me pain

When a person realizes that birth, death, happiness or griefs are all His leela; he remains undisturbed. He remains at His Will and enjoys Bliss. This is the state of Liberated life. Data Dayal did his best to make me understand the Truth, but I could not understand it at that time. I feel that the indirect method adopted by our saints is no longer required in this changing world, so I have made use of the rod of Truth. Baba Sawan Singh used to say in his Satsangs that santsangis did not understand what he said, “A man with a rod would come to make them understand the Truth”. I am that man. My mission is not to entrap people with hollow words. My wish is that my words may be understood by the masses and that they may be able to understand the Truth.

It is a fact that plain Truth does not help in establishing centres; it does not increase the number of followers. That is why I am not confined to any particular sect or place. I dwell in that state of Limitlessness (Infinity).

Yogi, sadhu, nor Gynai
Worldly, wicked nor agyani

However, how will anybody understand it? Only after this realization, that he is a bubble of consciousness. A bubble of consciousness would not claim he be a yogi, sadhu or Gyani. Had I not realized this Truth, I might have made claims of my greatness and got myself worshipped by you and exploited you.

Edited and revised by Sant Harjit Singh



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