Beyond Meditation Bliss & Realization of Non-Duality

(Liberation in Life)
By Baba Faqir Chand Ji Maharaj
Copyright © 2006

The Disciple and The Guru:  Part II
There are three stages of anand (bliss):
1.  The physical stage, which is known as gross anand.
2.  The subtle stage, anand that is enjoyed by mind.
3.  The causal stage, anand that is enjoyed by the Self.
Worldly people enjoy the first stage. The second stage of subtle anand is the centre of Trikuti, which is enjoyed by the devotee. Man is by nature the lover of pleasure in this world of pleasures. When he feels satisfied from one stage of pleasure he searches for a superior stage. Similarly a true devotee, after enjoying the vision of the Holy form within, yearns helplessly for a higher stage of spiritual enjoyment.
The coming of Dayal’s mother from Ghazipur to Hoshiarpur is not under her control. She has fully enjoyed the stage of subtle anand, Trikuti and now she is being forced to follow the path to higher bliss, (the) causal anand.
Some aspirants are very keen and zealous about spiritual achievement. After they have attained the meditation of Trikuti they remain attached to its tempting visions forever. They fail to develop a feeling of indifference to the visions or pleasures of this stage due to the lack of a spiritual guide. A devotee who once achieves the final stage of spirituality, that of Infinity of the Unnamed and of the All-pervading need not meditate at the centre of Trikuti for the vision or his Ideal or Guru. Now I rarely meditate on the Holy form of Hazur Data Dayal. I am revealing this Truth for the benefit of old meditators and devotees such as Seth Durga Dass, Lal Singh and Krishak Ji.
When your meditation practice of Trikuti, of visualizing (the) Guru is complete, you yourself will feel an urge for the higher stage. You will complain about your inability to form the Guru’s image within. An old man becomes unable to enjoy sex physically but still he remembers his wife and develops a feeling of yearning for physical sex. Similarly, devotees become victims of yearning for spiritual stages.
In Sant Mat, it is advised that you fully enjoy the worldly or the lower spiritual stages to your full satisfaction before longing for the next higher stage. Those who have been meditating for the last 30-35 years have completed the lower stage, but still they cling to the anand of that stage, because they are not guided to the next stage by their so called `gurus’.
You yourself can analyse your life. If you have attained and enjoyed the first stage you must have an urge for higher anand. However, if you do not get the next centre for the fixation of your attention, you will feel greatly disturbed and probably would give up this path of Sant Mat. I am explaining this point of great significance for the benefit of true aspirants like Madam Bhagyawati. Whatever form manifests within you is your own creation. You yourself decide who is the greater, the creator or the creation?
O men of the religious world do not consider me wrong. Based on my own experience I say, “O brother, your Self is Supreme”. You are yourself the creator of Ishwar, Parmeshwar and Guru. In the writings of Swami Shiv Dayal Singh it is written that the devotees and saints are the creators of Ishwar and Parmeshwar. You yourself create your own world with your mind and thought and remain trapped in it.

A sant with a compassionate heart diverts the attention of the attentive towards himself and advises them to follow the One within. In due course of time, after spiritual progress, that idea of the One also relegates. Now I will explain to Dayal’s mother about her own Self which Hazur Data Dayal Ji explained to me about my Self:
Faqir your face is most lovely,
Symbol of Truth-Consciousness-Bliss (Sat-Chit-Anand)

You are different from the three
Your Stage, view, intellect do not perceive
Makes sojourn in mid-way

 The Holy form that manifests within you is not that of your external Guru. It is your own Self, but your intellect cannot understand this truth because you have developed the belief that the manifestation of Data Dayal Ji or of any god or goddess is the Reality. You make this the centre of meditation and remain attached to its joys.
The Object that visualises your Guru within is beyond your intellectual understanding. There is Light and Sound within you; the Object that sees the Light and listens to the Sound is your Self. Your Self is the foundation and source of Light and Sound. You fail to realise it because you are guided by your manas (mind). Your intellect cannot help you to realise the Truth because your Self is not born of your intellect, but your intellect originates from you. Your thoughts and intellect keep you attached to the centre of visions i.e. Maya and you remain stranded on the mid-way.    
With deed ascending the mound of Truth
With discriminating thought in consciousness
 Now what is that deed that helps you to ascend the mountain of Truth? The constant flow of thoughts from within to see God, to love (the) Guru and to make his mental image was my deed. The Guru knows best about the worldly as well as the spiritual welfare of the aspirant.
I will explain further that what I was to Data Dayal, so was Bhagyawati to him. With great compassion he made us realise the Truth in different ways. He was most affectionate to her and became her son; he had great love for me and became my Master. Her nature was different from mine so he treated us in different ways. 
I have realised that stage to which Data Dayal Ji used to refer to me. You too with application can achieve your destination. Your deed is to follow the path of simran, dhyan and to love the visualised Guru within. When your mind feels full with this karma of simran, dhyan and bhajan, you will automatically develop a sense of apathy for this stage and yearn for the higher goal.
The individual can develop longing for Eternal Happiness only after enjoying physical and mental pleasures. His dispassion from the physical and mental attachments would help him to follow the path to spiritual bliss. The old man generally complains, “How nice it would have been if I had not married.”  Would any young man listen to such a statement before he realised himself the truth narrated by the old man?!
In spiritual pursuits too, it is very essential to enjoy the visions of Sahas-dal-kanwal and Trikuti and develop dispassion for them to achieve a higher stage. Without enjoying the visions or anand of these stages, a theorist may achieve the higher stage with his thought by force, but he will fail to achieve the Ultimate Peace and will fall. If a man, by controlling and subduing his senses by force achieves a higher stage of spirituality, his fall is necessary because his rise is unnatural without the performance of deed (karma).
The guidance and blessings of a Guru in this field are essential because the Guru knows better about the beneficial and helpful path for the disciple.
With deed, ascending the mount of Truth
With discriminating thought in consciousness
 Truth, consciousness, joy and pleasure
Unbounded happiness all around
Dispelling the three to attain (the) Fourth
Which is the Base of all
The world is duality, `trinity’ is Trikuti
Renouncing this mortal world
What is the Fourth Stage that is to be achieved after dispelling the three stages of body, mind and thought? It is the centre of your Self. It is from this centre that Data Dayal manifests in Bhagyawati and the manifestations of Rama and Krishna appear to their devotees. I have discarded this centre now from where I used to enjoy all mental visions, because I have realised that these manifestations and visions are the creations of my own mind. It is all Maya (illusion). I am now helpless to make the Fourth Stage as my abode.
Neither are you two, three nor four
Nor (a) hundred (or a) thousand

 One, one is and only One
Known only by the Knower
At this stage of Oneness there is no question of yours and mine or (any) difference between Guru and disciple. Non-duality prevails there, but as long as you are thinking that your Guru is different from you, you are not free from duality.
Let Dayal’s mother and other devotees understand what I say. She has spent years in the company of Data Dayal Ji and now remains attached to his visions. Now it is advisable for her to attain the stage where no vision of Data Dayal Ji appears and no thought of family (the mundane world) occurs. It is time to dispel the mental vision-centre of duality and Trikuti, the centre of three i.e. feelings (of) body, mind and thought.

Edited and revised by Sant Harjit Singh
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