An Overflowing Sea of Compassion

(Liberation in Life)
By Baba Faqir Chand Ji Maharaj
Copyright © 2006

Chapter 2
The True Simran: Part III
As in the beginning, so I am this time
Remain un-trapped from the swings of time (Kal)
What was my form in the beginning? I say that “I” did not exist at all. My existence is an outcome of an evolutionary process. Before acquiring this physical body my original form was Unnamed, Formless, Unseen, Unsaid, Limitless and Profound. I have reached that stage from where I descended. Have I developed wings by becoming Unnamed and Unseen? Can I miraculously do any good for suffering humanity? No. Let those who make claims of their greatness do some good for humanity.

Who can say authentically that God is Anami (Unnamed) or Alakh (Invisible)? Man is in search of Truth. After searching when his surat reaches or merges in its own Self, he feels himself to be Un-named. He loses his “self” into a state of Limitlessness and there ends his struggle of research. Who can know what that man is? So, O! Man, none has known any thing about God. All these propagators of different religious philosophies have no right to say that they have become something. If any one makes this claim he is still ignorant of the Truth.

See the end of those saints who made claims of their so-called greatness and immortality. Where did the immortality of Paltu Sahib go when he was thrown in the boiling oil pan? Data Dayal Ji could not do anything against His will and save his Dham (centre). Swami Paramahansa Dev, who’s Parsad had a reputation for curing the incurable diseases, died of cancer. Tulsi Dass writer of `Rama Charit Manas’ suffered untold sufferings during his last three years. Awake, Awake O man and understand what I say.

None on this earth can avoid His Will and neutralize the reactions of his karmas. You have been fooled and mercilessly robbed by these so-called mahatmas and saints. They have not made you realize your Self. You have not been made “man”, but beasts of burden by the so-called realized gurus. Do not offer your hard earned money to these parasites of the society simply with this idea that they will save your from calamities or sufferings. What is to happen, happen must.

I do not want to keep you in the dark, nor do I wish to exploit you. I impart to you the true Gyan (Knowledge), so that you may be able to Liberate yourself and lead a happy and peaceful life. Data Dayal Ji has deputed me to do this duty as:
You have come, in the human form,
Wearing the garb of a Faqir

Take along the grieved man,
Lead him to Guru’s abode

Man is grieved from the trinity
Weak, helpless and ignorant

Your duty to be compassionate
And to impart the True Nam
I am imparting Nam as desired by Data Dayal Ji. I do not follow the old practice of initiation behind closed doors as is being done by modern gurus. My aim is not to establish centres and amass wealth. My duty is to dispel the doubts and misconceptions of the ignorant and lead them to the path of Truth. I do not intend to denunciate any saint or guru, but to tell you the qualities of a true saint or guru.

He, who is Awakened, would be able to Awaken you. The words and advice of the realized would give you solace and peace if you aspire for it. The company of such a soul would benefit you. I am not against offerings and service to the guru but it should be with knowledge. You may offer me anything or not, but I will speak the Truth. Kamleshwar spent years in the company of Data Dayal Ji, but without understanding his word and the result is that he remains where he was.

Bhoop Singh always accompanies me with his tape-recorder to record my satsangs. He does all odd jobs for me. Why? Nine years ago, he was just going to commit suicide due to worldly worries and problems. He says that at that very time, my form appeared and bade him “Awake, Awake, Awake; your time has come”. Then that form went up in the sky in the shape of a bright star. I have no knowledge of this incident. I did not go there to Awaken him. If it was not me who stopped him from committing suicide in a miraculous way, then what right have I to accept his offerings? Understand my feelings.

You are being robbed mercilessly and unfortunately, you feel pleased with this robbery. Had I any intention of collecting wealth, I would have rendered Bhoop Singh penniless. My mission is not the collection of wealth and to increase the number of followers. I have come to reveal the Truth and to speak the truth. I wish your misconceptions and doubts be removed so that you may get peace. Data Dayal Ji used to say, “Faqir, we have nothing to give to the worldly people except Peace and those who come for it, they get it.”

I have visited Hanam Kunda, Bombay, and now I am here at Chintal Basti in Andhra Pradesh. I do not feel that I belong to this place. I am a traveller. I have no house and household here, so why should I have any worries. Similarly a man who realises his Self considers himself as a mere traveller in this world and remains attracted to his Supreme Abode. He remains unattached, at His will. This is a state of Liberated life.

Unlike the Saints of the past and present, I have explained the Truth without any reservations. I have come from the Unnamed and Unseen state to reveal the Reality and not to conceal it. A sea of compassion for the ignorant (and suffering) is overflowing from within me. The earlier saints performed their duties as Dayal whereas I am doing my duty as Param Dayal. I wish you to understand what I say. Devotion with ignorance leads to a miserable end. So walk on this path of bhakti cautiously, attentively and with
knowledge. Data Dayal Ji writes in one of his hymns:
I came, came for you
Seeing you dismayed, compassion arose in me

Manifested a compassionate form
Brought here by compassion

The Sun of compassion
Bright sky; rays of compassion

Compassionate sea awoke, overflowed
Compassion spread all around

I have compassionate feelings. You are my brothers and sisters. I wish you all a happy and prosperous life. Follow the path of surat shabad yoga inward. I have explained to you all the secrets, practise it yourself. I too was very much attached to illusions, visions and mental bliss.

Hazur Data Dayal Ji, with great compassion guided me because I had a desire to know the Reality. Had Data Dayal Ji told me at that time that it was not he that manifests within me, I would not have realised this Truth. My practical life and the experiences of the satsangis have convinced me that I am neither a yogi, father, son, guru nor disciple. I am a bubble of consciousness on the way to merging with that Supreme Consciousness.
“Sahasdal” of numerous, Trikuti of three
Stage of “Sunn” remains, duality free

At “Maha Sunn”, Non-duality has no root
At ‘Bhanwar” Kal, Maya, fail to make loot
The centre from where diverse thoughts arise is known as Sahas-dal-kanwal. The centre of manifestation of the Holy form is known as Trikuti. The state of immersion in the Holy form is known as Sunn. When it is realised that I am a bubble of consciousness, even the thought of these centres does not occur to me. I remain free from hopes and desires under the Will of Nature. The feeling of “I” has become non-existent. The game of life is being played without any worry of duality or Non–duality, Brahma or Para Brahma.

Edited and revised by Sant Harjit Singh

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